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Fold the bottom corner and move it on the mid-line (XY) till the bottom edge passes the left corner. Fold the right corner such that.... 0 600 60 0 60 600 Y 8. its edge sits exactly on the top bottom edge. 53 X 600 600 9. On opening the square you will find several big 600 equilateral triangles. Fold two lines in the directions shown... to get this shape. 11. Fold it again in half. 12. Open the square and fold two creases in the directions shown... 15. On opening you will find a grid of equilateral triangles.

These boats dance under the breeze of the fan and fly from one end of the room to the other. 1. Take a square with an edge length of 15-cm. 5. Fold left and right edges to the middle line. 2. Fold its diagonal. Fold the top left and right edges to the diagonal. 6. Lift the bottom point... 3. Fold the top tip to the bottom point. 7.... and fold as shown. 4. Upturn the paper. 8. To make the air propelled boat. 9. Fold several such boats. Keep them on the floor under a fan. These boats will twirl round-and-round and float all over the room.

Children can make lovely collages using these zero-cost rubber stamps. 1. Take a piece of old cycle rubber tube. 2. Cut it along the length. 4. to make a flat rubber sheet. 7. Take a block of flat wood. 5. Draw a picture of a tree and a house on it. 8. Stick the rubber house cutout on the block using rubber adhesive (Cycle puncture solution or Fevibond). 11. Print these shapes on a sheet of paper. 3. Open it up.... 6. Cut the shape of the house and tree. 9. Press the rubber stamp on the ink pad.

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