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Household surveys of young men and women in Jayapura and Merauke show that both young men and women in Papua report far less drug use and far more sexual activity than those in other parts of Indonesia. The data are inconclusive, but they suggest patterns of sexual networking that HIV behind bars Prisons are playing a growing role in Indonesia’s emerging epidemic. In Jakarta’s jails, HIV prevalence started to rise in 1999, two years after it had taken off among drug injectors, reaching 25% in 2002.

5] 470 000 [300 000–690 000] A handful of countries are still seeing very low levels of HIV prevalence, even among people at high risk of exposure to HIV. These countries have golden opportunities to pre-empt serious outbreaks. National HIV infection levels in Asia are low compared with some other continents, notably Africa. But the populations of many Asian nations are so large that even low national HIV prevalence means large numbers of people are living with HIV. 4 million] people who became newly infected in the past year.

5% in 1991 to 1% in 1997 and 2% in 2000. , 2004). 3% just two years earlier (Ministère de la santé Madagascar, 2003). However, it is too early to know whether this heralds a trend, since other HIV indicators (such as prevalence among sex workers) have remained low. 2004). Ethiopia’s epidemic is most severe in urban areas, including in the capital Addis Ababa. However, there are encouraging signs that the declining HIV trend among pregnant women in the capital (first detected in 1997) is continuing.

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