By Floyd E. Bloom (auth.), Roger E. Meyer M.D., Michael J. Lewis Ph.D., George F. Koob Ph.D., Steven M. Paul M.D. (eds.)

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Alcholism: Clin Exp Res 11 :486-493 Rhodes 00, Sarmiento JG, Herbette LG (1985): Kinetics of binding of membrane-active drugs to receptor sites. Diffusion limited rates for a membrane bilayer approach of l,4-dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonists to their active site. Mol Pharmacol 27:612-623 Rius R, Bergamaschi S, Di Fonso F, Govoni S, Trabucchi M, and Rossi F (1987): Acute ethanol effect on calcium antagonist binding in rat brain. Brain Res 402:359-361 Rottenberg H, Waring A, Rubin E, reply by Gordon ER.

Although certain (3-adrenergic antagonists are formally charged, as in the case of propranolol, small-angle neutron diffraction experiments (Fig. , 1983). , 1989). To examine the molecular interactions of ethanol and drugs with model and native membranes, small-angle x-ray and neutron diffraction was used. The drugs used for this study have an electron-dense halogen atom as part of its covalent structure, for example, Ro 15-1788 and Bay Alcohol's Acute and Chronic Effects on Synaptoneurosome Membranes 29 K 8644, which serves as a strong scattering center for x rays (Fig.

3H] chlorpromazine labels homologous residues in the beta and delta chains. Biochemistry 26:2410-2418 Goldstein DB, Chin JH, Lyon RC (1982): Ethanol disordering of spin-labeled mouse brain membranes: correlation with genetically determined ethanol sensitivity of mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci 79:4231-4233 Gordon ER, Rochman J, Arai M, Lieber CS (1982): Lack of correlation between hepatic mitochondria membrane structure and functions in ethanol-fed rats. Science 216:1320-1321 Greenberg DA, Carpenter CL, Messing RO (1987): Ethanol-induced component of 45ea2+ uptake in PC12 cells is sensitive to ea2+ channel modulating drugs.

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