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This chapter also establishes a foundation for the mental and physiological aspects of archery, and the following chapters go into more detail for each step of the shot sequence. The Importance of a Shot Sequence A well-defined shot sequence, consistently followed, increases the probability that you will have a more consistent outcome. As a beginner, just learning the basic step-bystep process of shooting the arrow can be complicated because the intricate details of each step of the shot process are still unfamiliar to you and your focus is on the many details of each step of the shot.

Your arrow spline can change how the center shot is on a specific bow. When you start tuning the arrow to the bow, your center shot could change to give you the correct tune. Bow Poundage Draw-weight poundage is critical to having a good consistent shot. I see many people try to pull more bow weight than they can handle. Make sure you are very comfortable with the weight you choose. It is much easier to start off at a lower poundage and work your way up. Good form is more important than speed. Too heavy a draw weight could result in injury because of improper form.

While anchoring, you must maintain the load put on your lower and middle trapezius during loading while raising your drawing hand and drawing arm up to firmly contact your jawbone and neck. 11). If the string and anchor are too far back and on the side of the chin, you will experience “string drag” upon release. String drag occurs when the string’s movement on release is obstructed by the chin and the string “catches” the skin around the chin and pulls it forward. This can cause damage to the skin in the chin area and will almost always cause tuning and grouping issues.

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