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The larger the size, the bigger the discrepancy. e. whether a particular stance feature is prototypical of a move) (see Appendix L for more description of the statistical model). As there were a substantial number of analyses (23 types of linguistic devices × 21 moves), many of which were not significant (see Pho, 2010), only those statistically significant results are reported in this volume (see Part III). e. how they are used (cf. Drew, 2004; Freddi, 2005; Hempel and Degand, 2008; Hunston, 2007): for example, the functions of we, the tendency of a particular tense to be used for a verb that goes with a certain type of subject, or the source of controlling words (see Part III for more details).

The present study takes a further step in investigating whether linguistic features vary across moves instead of just across sections. 1. Most of the abstracts in the corpus have four or five moves. A closer look at the occurrence frequency of the moves in the corpus reveals that all the abstracts from both disciplines, applied linguistics and educational technology, contain Move 2 Presenting the research (which states what the current study is about), Move 3 Describing the methodology (which describes how the research was done), and Move 4 Summarizing the findings (which reports the main findings of the study).

G. It is surprising that …; Smith argued that …). e. the degree of attitude/emotivity expression or the degree of the writer’s commitment, whether the writer is strongly or weakly committed to the proposition), for example, show is a strong word, while suggest is a weak word. 2 were also coded. The source types will not be included in the analysis of linguistic realizations of moves in general. They are only investigated as an association of the controlling word to see which type of controlling word is commonly used with which type of source.

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