By Robin G. C. Bathurst (auth.), Richard Rezak, Dawn L. Lavoie (eds.)

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Porosity is both destroyed and created. Rhizoliths and Microcodium are restricted to surface crusts whereas pedotubules, calcified root hairs, and alveolar texture occur in both surface crust and soil stones. 2. 3. Alveolar texture (arrow) consisting of a series of pores separated by thin micrite walls from a modern subaerial crust. 1 mm. 5. Microcodium from a modern subaerial crust. Section cuts perpendicular to elongate root pore associated with Microcodium. 3 mm. Rhizoliths are organosedimentary structures produced by accumulation and / or cementation within and around, or replacement of, higher plant roots by mineral matter (Klapp a, 1980).

Lffi). Ten of these samples were from tidal channels that were not continuous through the sand flat into the mobile fringe or were from the upper reaches of tidal channels where conditions become very similar to the stabilized sand flat. He concluded that channel sediments, in general, are composed of moderately sorted, medium to very coarse oolitic and skeletal sand. Mobile sediments of the channels are comprised of well sorted, medium sand-sized ooids. Sediments of the tidal channels become muddier bankward.

G. E. Hoffmeister, 1968. Subaerial laminated crusts of the Florida Keys. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 79, p. 183-192. , 1985. An upper Pennsylvanian desert paleosol in the D-zone of the Lansing-Kansas City Groups, Hitchcock County, NE. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v. 55, p. 213-221. H. M. D. B. L. H. Gray, D. R. A. S. C. D. J. B. B. E. Wilson, 1986. Compendium of Paleozoic rockunit stratigraphy in Indiana-A revision. Indiana Geological Survey Bulletin, v. 59, 203 p. , 1974. Phreatic and vadose diagenetic modification of Pleistocene limestone; petrographic observations from subsurface of Barbados, West Indies.

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