By Elliott Negin

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Look, fellows—why don't you just forget that? It was a mistake, I admit it. I'm sorry if I caused any misunderstanding—" "Misunderstanding? This silly goose came rushing up to us, blurted out the glad tidings where half the eyrie heard her! " "Well, then, I'll go elsewhere. I'm not looking for trouble. " three voices chimed as one. "Well, telegraph station, then. Or police station. Or bus station. " "No! " Sisli spoke up. " "Not likely," Younger Brother said grimly. "You come with us, girl—and I'll see to it Haz is moved to a bachelor nest—" "He needs me!

Trapped by a silly superstition . " "But," his thoughts ran on, "maybe it's not a superstition at that. In a way Wizner's right: I am an Invader. Apparently, this fellow Tazlo Haz is a real person—at least as real as any of this world. I haven't simply sprouted wings—I've taken over someone else's body. " He rose, pacing the cell. "Zorro really existed; he was a Wayfarer, with a girlfriend named Gizelle, and a big career ahead as a pickpocket. Until I came along and swiped his identity. And then .

Actually, I'm not," O'Leary said. "I'm actually a fellow named Lafayette O'Leary. " Sisli whispered. " "Tazlo—Wizner Hiz is the Visioner of Thallathlone! He might not understand that you're just raving because of a blow on the head! He might take this talk of being someone else seriously! " "I'm afraid it's slipped my mind. " "They . . " Lafayette chuckled. " Lafayette sat up, felt a sharp pain in the small of his back—a pain that seemed to originate from a point in midair, two feet above and to the left of his shoulder blade.

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