By Nico H. J. Pijls, Bernard De Bruyne (auth.)

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24 Chapter 2 75. Aversano T, Becker LC. Persistence of coronary vasodilator reserve despite functionally significant flow reduction. Am J PhysioI1985;248:H403-H411. Grattan MT, Hanley FL, Stevens MB, Hoffinan JIE. Transmural coronary flow reserve patterns in dogs. Am J PhysioI1986;250:H276-H283. Laxson DD, Dai XZ, Homans DC, Bache RI. Coronary vasodilator reserve in ischemic myocardium of the exercising dog. Circulation 1992;85:313-322. Heusch G, Deussen A. The effects of cardiac sympathetic nerve stimulation on the perfusion of stenotic coronary arteries in the dog.

Eckenhoff JE, Hafkenschiel JH, Landmesser CM, Harmel M. Cardiac oxygen metabolism and control ofthe coronary circulation. Am ] Physiol1947; 149:634-639. Mosher P, Ross Jr J, McFate PA, Shaw RF. Control of coronary blood flow by an autoregulatory mechanism. Ore Res 1964;14:250-259. Canty JM. Coronary pressure-function and steady-state pressure-flow relations during autoregulation in the unanesthetized dog. Circ Res 1988;63 :821-836. De Bruyne B, Melin JA, Heyndrickx GR, Wijns W. Autoregulatory plateau in patients with coronary artery disease.

32 • Myocardial fractional flow reserve and the results of the exercise ECG correlate better with minimal luminal diameter (which only takes into account one single measurement) than with percent diameter stenosis (taking into account two measurements: minimal diameter and "normal" reference diameter) and than with stenosis flow reserve (which in addition takes into account lesional length). This suggest that multiple measurements, by amplifying the effect of measuring errors, lead paradoxically to a weaker functional depiction of the stenosis.

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