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43 Definiens eCognition Developer 8 – User Guide In the Algorithm drop-down box, select Assign Class. We need to enter the brightness attributes we've just identified by pressing the ellipsis (…) in the value column next to Threshold Condition, which launches the Select Single Feature window. This has a similar structure to the Feature View box so, as previously, select Object Features > Layer Values > Mean and double-click on Brightness. We can define the background as anything with a brightness over 230, so select the 'greater than' button (>) and enter 230 in the left-hand field.

Note that the two-left hand corners always display left-justified text and the right hand corners show rightjustified text. dtrs. If you wish to export an image as part of a rule set with the text displayed, it is necessary to use the Export Current View algorithm with the Save Current View Settings parameter. Image object information is not exported. If a project contains multiple slices, all slices will be labelled. xml. It is necessary to put this file in the appropriate folder for the portal you are using; these folders are located in C:\Program Files\Definiens eCognition Developer 8\bin\application (assuming you installed the program in the default location).

On its superlevel, every image object has only one image object, the superobject. On the other hand, an image object may have – but is not required to have – multiple sub-objects. 58 Definiens eCognition Developer 8 – User Guide To better understand the concept of the image object hierarchy, imagine a hierarchy of image object levels, each representing a meaningful structure in an image. These levels are related to the various (coarse, medium, fine) resolutions of the image objects. The hierarchy arranges subordinate image structures (such as a cell) below generic image structures (such as tissue).

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