By Melissa J. Stevens, Lynne Avril Cravath

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We are taught that our appeals for needed material things should be made to the Cosmic, to the Great Storehouse of Supply, and we are shown techniques which when properly employed are designed to tap this Universal Storehouse. Thus our monographs teach us a practical method of prayer for material needs, an adult approach which can be made to work most of the time, once it is properly understood. It is not a hit and miss method. If the requests are unselfish, or at least not too self centered, and their granting will not hurt anyone else, then they will probably manifest on the material plane.

Art and knowledge are truly man's attempt to create in matter and emotion and mind stuff the beauty of the Soul. So we must bring the Light of the Soul to bear upon our efforts. And as esotericists we know where we must start with a vigorous attempt at soul contact. The achievement of the life of the spirit is not the privilege of hermits and anchorities alone. It may be achieved here, in the midst of the workaday world, if we labor in the name of Beauty. For the time has come now in the history of mankind for the "harmonizing of the centers," the tension achieved In the midst of the most violent conflict.

Unquestionably Light and Knowledge are on the increase and this is most encouraging. Unfortunately culture lags behind and the new era will not manifest until there is B. A more general recognition of Beauty, and encouragement of its development the world over. We must learn what Beauty is and seek to express it more universally than at present. Our standards of Beauty, must also be raised and we must come to realize that Beauty can and does exist upon the emotional and mental levels as well as on the physical.

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