By Edward J. Woods

A dramatic handle brought at the verge of Israels access into the land of Canaan, Deuteronomy has been defined as a publication "on the boundary." Ted Woods expounds its all-encompassing imaginative and prescient and indicates how the Israelites have been exhorted to make its phrases the interpreter in their life's tale in the land "beyond the Jordan." This thoroughly new quantity replaces the former editon of Deuteronomy within the Tyndale statement sequence written via J. A. Thompson.

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Therefore, it is also called a good land (I :2 5 , 3 5 ; 3 : 2 5 ; 4:21-22; 6 : I 8 ; 8 :7-1 0; 9:6; I I : I7; c £ Gen. I : I - 2:4a), painted in abundant and idealistic terms with the expression a landflowing with milk and honry (6: 3 ; I r :9; 26:9, I 5 ; 27:3; 3 I :20) . It is an ideal land resembling Paradise/Eden, in which Israel will eat and be full (8:79), with the blessings of the land expected to be shared among the entire community. But here Deuteronomy's vision also distinguishes between the ideal and the real (I 5 :4, r r).

Wdnfeld (1991: 4) says that the form of 'testament' (or farewell speeches) given to the book looks peculiar, but has its antecedents in the Egyptian method of diffusing moral teaching. r 5 . Polzin ( 1 980: 29) sees the narrator's voice in fifty-six verses, but Block (200 1: 392) counts sixty-four Yerses. 16. Although the use of the third person is used by speakers relating to themselves in the divine speech at Exod. 34:6-7 and also in the Hittite treaties (Hallo 2000: 93-roo). \f Y statement, Block makes this claim for only sixty-four verses within Deuteronomy, mainly located within the framing chapters of l - 4 and 27 - 34, which also take in the four superscriptions of l : l ; 4:44; 29:1; and 33: r .

Chapter 5 then presents the core text (Decalogue) of the law 'so righteous' (4:8) as a written text (5 :22). But it also develops the idea of the Lord 'so near' (4:7), in terms of speaking to each successive generation of Israel (5 :2)from out of thefire of Horeb (5 :4, 22, 23-27; c£ l 0:4). This is achieved by now turning the Lord's question at 4:33 into a response by the people (5:26), leading to their commitment to obey all of God's commands (5:27). Fallo-wing this, 5:29 offers an important kry to Israel's ability to keep the law.

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