By George Childs Kohn

Includes targeted summaries of assorted striking wars all through background, spanning greater than 4,000 years. This e-book offers details at the worldwide conflicts, civil wars, mutinies, punitive expeditions, undeclared wars, rebellions, and revolutions that experience happened through the international. It offers with army info, and extra.

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Burmese king Thibaw (1858–1916), who favored the French and negotiated with them to build a railroad from Mandalay to the Indian border, openly defied the British by not accepting a British envoy. Thus provoked, the British seized Mandalay and northern Burma, which was annexed to India. Thibaw, deposed, was sent to India, but Burmese guerrilla forces fought British troops for four more years before they were pacified. Anglo-Chinese Wars See OPIUM WARS. Anglo-Dutch War in Java (1810–11) The governor-general of the Dutch East Indies, Herman Willem Daendels (1762–1818), fortified the island of Java (part of Indonesia) against possible British attack (see NAPOLEONIC WARS).

An agreement (1630) between the governor-generals of Goa and Surat stopped the hostilities and gave trading rights in Portuguese centers in India to other nations. Portuguese activity in the region declined afterward. See also AMBOINA MASSACRE; PORTUGUESEDUTCH WARS IN THE EAST INDIES. –87) failed to effect a royal peace ] Anglo-Scottish War of 1079–80 21 22 Anglo-Scottish War of 1214–16 north of the Yorkshire river Tees. King Malcolm III Canmore (d. –1134), duke of Normandy (see WILLIAM I’S INVASION OF NORMANDY).

Britishled Indian troops moved up the Irrawaddy River and, at the same time, took control of coastal regions. The Burmese suffered a defeat near Ava on the Irrawaddy. By the Treaty of Yandabo in February 1826, the Burmese ceded Assam, Manipur, Arakan, and the Tenasserim coast to the British. Second Anglo-Burmese War (1852). British seizure of a ship belonging to the Burmese king helped provoke another war (the British hoped to secure an all-land route between their colonies in India and Singapore).

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