By Emanuel Tov, R. A. Kraft, P. J. Parsons

This booklet incorporates a new edition of the scroll that represents an early revision of the Septuagint towards a more in-depth correspondence with the Hebrew textual content of the Bible. After an intensive advent, the quantity offers the textual content with and with out reconstructions, notes on palaeography and reconstructions, and a statement on translation process, orthographic peculiarities, and textual kin.

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5 [Na I :9)): [Aoy]{~ ~q[E]. The cross-bar of the first letter (eta) is clearly visible. The second letter is a xi. Petits Prophetes" , RB 98 (1991 ) 16, -yo Col. 13, l. 22 OU o1T~[PhloET[aL]-Reconstructed differently by Lif. (fragm. 3): [1TpEo,BvTEp]ov<; 1T4[v'Ta<;]. The latter reconstruction (JI I: 14) is impossible as there is a large space before oU. Id enti fication hy E . , 166 - 7. "). Col. 14, l. 36 [7TA:r]Oo]v<;-Reconstructed differently by Lif. (fragm. 8 [Za 4:8-9]): 80 DISC O VERIES TN TH E JUDAEAN DESERT VIII Zo[po,8a,8EA].

FL€acp] .. )') B . 23a C . _ TQ N NQN_ K (20) TOTALS: 697 letters/column; 33 lines, 17 (s h ort) , 26 (long), 21. :~e:] . 1T'"1 Kat]' . 1j Kat "11o]nt- ' • 7 [Cl ~ S€KClT1j £OOV'Ta, Tep 0 ]iK4J • • 8 r,ovoa &€ S ftXPpouVv-q] v_Ka&' • " '"1" , _a­ , . 9 fiS O € pTas ayCl8' as, _] KaL ' \ ] " , .. ____] ___ ______ .. 20 [ yClTTTJOClT€ ' f - " , [ 12 13 14 I5 16 17 18 [TaS€ '\(y€, txt]L:0~-~~~: ' . ~l~<:'~~ _'\aot -;;KCli' • [KaToIKoVv-rfS] _1TOAE&S_1TO~- " ['\&s.

Mi 3:5 [Kat 1'}y{aaav] (LXX: ~ynpav)-Adapted to MT '1Fti" (cf. I). Mi 3:6 [vf-LEiv] (LXX: vI-'M-Cf. 1. &}-O mitted in accordance with MT (supported by calc. of space). 6. Mi 3:6 [OpaOEWs] = L XX. For equivalent of R, cf. Ha 2: 2. Mi 4:3-7-For a fuJI recon struction of the text of these verses accordin g to R, see Barth . 206. Wv] = LXX (MT: C~~~)-For eqwvalent of R, cf. M i 4:5; Ha 3:13; Zp 2 :9,1 0 ; Za 8: 20. £1 ( = many M SS of t he LXX) is possible as well (not prohibited by calc . of space).

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