By Timothy Edwards

The previous, the hot and the Rewritten illustrates how Targum Psalms creatively translates chosen psalms and the way these interpretations relate to different Jewish and Christian traditions, together with early translations of the psalms, rabbinic Midrashim, the hot testomony and early Church Fathers. The learn of those Psalms indicates viewing Targum Psalms as an inventive associate on this planet of biblical interpretation, instead of a compilation of already current midrashic fabric. Edwards portrays the Targum as a hyperlink among the written and oral Torah that leads its readers on a route to culture.

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108 Only the specific verses of the Targum are quoted and translated at the beginning of each section. The reader is referred to the ‘Appendix of Texts and Translations’ at the end of the study for a complete copy of each Psalm with an apparatus. 107 TARGUM PSALMS AND EARLY BIBLE TRANSLATIONS 29 His sons will be transplanted in the Temple of the Lord, in the courtyard of our God they will sprout forth. [Once] again, like their fathers, they will produce sons in old age; they will be succulent and fresh.

131. Although note D. 3– 25, where he argues for assuming Targumic coherence on the basis of its midrashic character. 2c 39 12 EXEGESIS IN THE TARGUM OF THE PSALMS terpretive traditions that possibly come from the medieval period. 46 Scholarly opinion (scant as it is) is divided between an early date (4–5th century), 47 and a later post-Talmudic date. 48 It would seem therefore that the safest way forward is the two-fold dating highlighted above, based on all the criteria above, which could perhaps provide a terminus a quo and a terminus ad quem within which to work.

D. Stec also has a threefold division, although he has only grouped six different manuscripts. 61 At present there are three printed texts, P. de Lagarde, Hagiographa Chaldaice, Leipzig, 1873, which is taken from the first Biblica Rabbinica, but is corrected. The resultant text, according to M. 153). L. Diez Merino has published Ms. 5, Targum de Salmos: Edition Principe del Ms. 5 de Alfonso de Zamora, Madrid: CSIC, 1982. Most recently Bar Ilan University has published MS P117 in, M. ) ‫מקראות גדולות הכתר‬, Jerusalem, Bar Ilan University, 2003.

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