By Mark Goodacre

Goulder and the Gospels is the 1st accomplished reaction to the unconventional problem Michael Goulder has posed for brand new testomony scholarship. Goulder dispenses with all hypothetical sources-Q, M and L and postulates hugely inventive evangelists who write within the mild of the liturgy. during this penetrating critique, Goodacre offers a serious assessment of Goulder's paintings, concentrating on numerous key components, the vocabulary of Q, the language of the Minor Agreements, the creativity of Luke and the lectionary conception. He doesn't easily check the plausibility of Goulder's rules but in addition develops new how one can attempt them. The theories are often came across to be short of, yet while Goulder is reaffirmed as some of the most very important and stimulating Biblical students of this generation.

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With irony he says of Neirynck: In the fight over Q and L his formidable powers are, I fear, engaged on the side of the Dragon, but when it comes to John he is with St Michael, and for John's use of all three Synoptics (LNP, p. 25). Goulder is constantly aware of the need to convince his opponents: In the long run, there will be some who will not be persuaded however great the evidence; and of them it is written, 'Neither will they believe though one should rise from the dead' {LNP, p. 26). Sometimes, it is arguable, he carries this method a little too far.

It is the same 3/0/1 as yevvruia. 13. Goulder gives figures of 9/0/5 in his MLM list and 10/0/6 in LNP, p. 1 find 11/0/6: Mt. 43 R; Lk. 9 L. The discrepancy is either over Mt. 18 where N-A 2 6 reads Tioieco twice, or over Mt. 33 where the words occur together twice but not with the meaning 'bear fruit'. 14. Goulder gives 57/5/31 with Mt. 15 R but ovv is not read here by either Greeven or N-A 2 6 . Mt. 26 is a better example. 15. T£; Luke: \n\ ap^rjaSe. 16. Goulder gives Mt. 11 as R but this is QC (or MA).

Equally, because Goulder sees Matthew as the composer of Q, he makes no distinction in MLM between QC and QD. Further, some of the words on Goulder's Matthew list actually occur in Mark-Q overlap passages, in passages where on the 2ST Matthew is conflating Mark and Q. The participle AxxPcbv, for example, is listed as occurring redactionally at Mt. 30, but the word also 1. For the term * Luke-pleasing', see Farrer, 'Dispensing', p. 57; cf. Goulder's 'FarreronQ',p. 192. 2. Hawkins, Horae, pp. 3, 15.

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