By Daniel M. O'Hare

This paintings examines the Vorlage of LXX Ezekiel forty forty eight, arguing that it represents a remodeling of those chapters in gentle of the publication as a complete. the writer applies Skopostheorie, a latest useful thought of translation, to appreciate the targets of translation in LXX Ezekiel forty forty eight, which come with highlighting the space and therefore authority of the resource textual content, suggesting strategies to difficulties posed by way of the textual content, and updating components of the imaginative and prescient in mild of Hellenistic tradition. The aim of the interpretation was once either to maintain the authority and to intensify the persuasive strength of those chapters for Hellenistic readers of LXX Ezekiel.

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50. , 15. 3 TOWARD THE ÜBERSETZUNGSWEISE OF LXX EZEKIEL 40-48 35 peculiarities should be borne in mind throughout the following discussion. Most obviously, it is a very small corpus with which to work. However, the lack of agreement over the number of translators for Ezekiel as a whole, coupled with the lack of a comprehensive investigation of the Übersetzungsweise of Ezekiel,9 makes it desirable to begin with this relatively restricted corpus. In my judgment, it is better to begin from the ground up and risk an incomplete picture of the translator’s Übersetzungsweise than to skew the evidence by introducing irrelevant data.

76): Entscheidend für unsere Theorie als einheitlicher Translationstheorie ist, daß jedes Translat (Übersetzung und Verdolmetschung) unabhänging von seiner Funktion ... und Textsorte als Informationsangebot in einer Zielsprache und deren –kultur (IAZ) über ein Informationsangebot aus einer Ausgangsprache und deren –kultur (IAA) gefaßt wird. bietet eine Information über den Ausgangstext, der seinerseits als Informationsangebot verstanden wird. ” 81 Katharina Reiss, “Adequacy and Equivalence in Translation,” BT 34 (1983): 301; see also Reiß and Vermeer, Grundlegung, 139.

On the other hand, precisely because of such challenges, the translator is forced to call on the full scope of his virtuosity. ”11 With this succinct statement, Aejmelaeus sums up the challenges inherent in a coherent investigation of the Vorlage of Ezek 40–48. Knowledge of the Vorlage of any Septuagint translator, even that of the most doggedly literalistic one, is only partial. Many of the areas in which ambiguity concerning the translator’s Vorlage cannot be eliminated concern small points of grammar and syntax.

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