By Russell Feingold

Drawn from years of expertise, education, and go back and forth, this source offers an unique approach to therapeutic based at the center, which represents the innate knowledge of the universe and divine directions from the resource. using the ability of guided visualization, this inspiring and pragmatic examination illustrates seven key steps for a way to shed pain and fight by way of awakening and connecting to the heart's magical and instantly transformational energy. an individual who has suffered a loss—whether it issues identity, a relationship, a passion, goal, or interest—can perform this robust and important exploration to free up trapped emotional traumas and circulate from easily surviving to residing totally wide awake and alive.

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The Apple iPod is a classic example. People treat this material object as an intimate part or extension of themselves, staying continuously hooked up to the device in order to have a constant soundtrack to their lives. Instead of tuning into their own inner music—the vibrations of the earth, the Universe, and the life that plays beautifully inside each of us—such people tune into 60 GB of outer-world music. Instead of sharing their own inner music with others, they share outer world playlists as a way of interacting, impressing and forming relationships with others.

Well, the truth is they are over the top, and they are forcing it. They certainly aren’t living from their Heart Wisdom. Rather, these are the kinds of people whose reality is artificially driven by the thoughts in their heads and their overactive emotions. They are so far removed from their hearts that they fill whatever the perceived need is in the moment through compensation. Such people may appear “pumped up,” but their bodies have, in fact, contracted as opposed to having opened from within.

The average person in the United States spends 90 percent of each day indoors. We have so completely severed ourselves from the Great Outdoors, that to say that nature is part of our inner world may seem confusing. But spending time in nature is one of the easiest ways to connect to the inner world and access our inner nature so that we can tap in to our Heart Wisdom. ” I would be willing to bet that most people’s primary concern isn’t nature, or how to connect with it, but how their life fits into society.

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