By Kieran Scott

Best friend Ryan, come on right down to the Jersey Shore and disregard your problems! have you ever lately been humilated in entrance of your mates and kinfolk at your former top pals birthday celebration? used to be your virtually boyfriend in part liable for that humilation via withholding a few important information regarding the place your estrangerd father is? Did you come back domestic to discover acknowledged estranged father sitting in your slump? if this is the case, then it appears like you may use a holiday! The Jersey Shore is where to be. Your mom might be residing together with her boyfriend of just a couple of months, yet a minimum of the stunt Shannen pulled has positioned a few of your pals again on your courtroom. nonetheless, you are still offended and what larger technique to recover from Jake than to blow off a few steam with neighborhood man, Cooper. humans will infrequently realize your new angle, however the previous one wasn't getting you at any place, so who cares! Jake Graydon, a thrilling chance is anticipating you within the provider undefined! Are your grades so low your mom and dad have grounded you for the summer time? Did you the woman you actually like unceremoniously go away you at the back of? may you relatively devour airborne dirt and dust than see your mates back? Then a task on the neighborhood espresso store is simply the price ticket! Suprisingly, Ally's father is the hot supervisor so that you get to be reminded of her approximately each day. might be it is time to begin flirting together with your top friend's ex or maybe taking college a section extra heavily. particularly for those who eventually see best friend and she's placing round with a few loser and it is could not be extra transparent that she is over you. Have a very good summer season!

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II. Title: He is so not worth it. S42643Hes 2011 [Fic]—dc22 2010046494 ISBN 978-1-4169-9958-4 (eBook) For Matt and Brady Contents Chapter 1: Ally Chapter 2: Ally Chapter 3: Jake Chapter 4: Jake Chapter 5: Ally Chapter 6: Ally Chapter 7: Jake Chapter 8: Ally Chapter 9: Jake Chapter 10: Ally Chapter 11: Ally Chapter 12: Jake Chapter 13: Ally Chapter 14: Ally Chapter 15: Jake Chapter 16: Ally Chapter 17: Ally Chapter 18: Ally Chapter 19: Jake Chapter 20: Ally Chapter 21: Ally Chapter 22: Jake Chapter 23: Ally Chapter 24: Ally Chapter 25: Jake Chapter 26: Jake Chapter 27: Jake Chapter 28: Ally Chapter 29: Jake Chapter 30: Ally Chapter 31: Ally Chapter 32: Jake Chapter 33: Ally Chapter 34: Jake Chapter 35: Ally Chapter 36: Jake Chapter 37: Ally Chapter 38: Jake Chapter 39: Ally Chapter 40: Jake Chapter 41: Ally Chapter 42: Ally Chapter 43: Ally Chapter 44: Jake Chapter 45: Jake Chapter 46: Ally Chapter 47: Ally Chapter 48: Ally Chapter 49: Jake Chapter 50: Ally Chapter 51: Jake Chapter 52: Jake Chapter 53: Ally Chapter 54: Jake Chapter 55: Jake Chapter 56: Jake Chapter 57: Jake Chapter 58: Ally Chapter 59: Ally Chapter 60: Jake Chapter 61: Jake Chapter 62: Ally Chapter 63: Jake Chapter 64: Ally Chapter 65: Jake Acknowledgments Daily Field Journal of Annie Johnston Saturday, June 26 Position: Golf cart parked across the circle from the entrance of the Orchard Hill Country Club/Shannen Moore’s birthday extravaganza.

It was the first time she’d greeted me without an insult since I’d been back. “Excuse me. I see that book I wanted to read,” Annie said, grabbing David and Marshall’s wrists. “You know, the one about the rich bitch who drops her best friend for no apparent reason and becomes a vapid airhead overnight? ” Faith shot Annie a sarcastic smile as she dragged the guys away. Annie and Faith had a bit of a history. As in, they used to be best friends until Faith decided it was more important to impress Chloe and Shannen and she dumped Annie like last year’s It bag.

Because . . it’s totally gonna suck this year,” Faith said. “Shannen and Chloe aren’t talking. Chloe and Hammond aren’t talking. Jake’s not even coming. ” Okay, I wasn’t even going to get into the hypocrisy of that question. Like I wanted to hang out with her? Like I was really going to swoop in and save her from a socially bereft summer? Maybe I didn’t hate her, but I wasn’t about to become her BFF. Really there was only one part of that ramble I was interested in addressing. The part that had made my breath catch.

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