By Terry R. Clark

This publication examines numerous rhetorical ways that the motif of Yahweh’s Kingship features within the booklet of Ezekiel and explores what those arguments give a contribution to our figuring out of the prophetic ebook as an entire. It concludes that the executive goal for such rhetoric is to reinforce and/or rebuild Yahweh’s attractiveness one of the Judean exiles in Babylon on the way to inspire them to prevent assimilation and to maintain their certain religion and id because the humans of Israel. The ebook offers an summary of the rhetoric of the bigger Ezekiel corpus, an exam of the historic and ideological context of the Babylonian exile, a dialogue of the tactic of rhetorical research hired right here, and a close exegesis of texts during which the motif of Yahweh’s kingship is so much well-liked. on the subject of this crucial motif, appropriate sub-themes resembling paradise and the underworld, divine presence and lack, and the exodus also are explored.

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Return (Ch. 4), the exodus and Yahweh’s name/reputation, and the role of honor-shame rhetoric (Ch. 5), paradise and the underworld (Ch. 6), and Yahweh as divine shepherd (Ch. 7). One complication with this project’s comprehensive approach is that some of the topics related to divine kingship in Ezekiel occur in multiple units of text. For example, paradise is a theme in Chs. 28 and 31 of the Oracles against the Nations, as well as in Chs. 36 and 47 of the salvation section. As a result, a few of my exegetical chapters will briefly review other units of Ezekiel in which a particular theme appears.

These nations have hisCf. Greenberg, Ezekiel, 1–20, 4–5. However, Greenberg, idem, 5, considers this an oversimplification of Ezekiel’s structure, since both “doom and consolation” are important themes in Chs. 25–32. Unfortunately, lacking here is a clear explanation of just how such doom and consolation works rhetorically. , Leslie C. Allen, Ezekiel 20–48 (WBC 29; Waco, TX: Word Books, 1990), xxiii, again, lacking a clear explanation of how such a “foil” functions rhetorically. ” 18 RHETORICAL ARRANGEMENT, GENRE, AND PURPOSE 41 torically tempted Israel to commit idolatry and to depend upon foreign political solutions instead of solely trusting in their own patron deity.

The perspective and values of the exiles are consistently treated in Ezek 1–24 and 33 as being in opposition to Yahweh’s, and therefore in need of correction. Even in the closing vision the exiles are reminded of their past mistakes (43:10) and their need to put away their idolatries (43:9). The opening vision encourages the reader to affirm the authority of Yahweh and his prophet, and to agree with the explanation of the exile as Yahweh’s just punishment of his rebellious people. It authorizes all that follows in the prophetic book as the deity’s teaching on how to interpret the exile and how to respond to it.

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