By Juval Portugali

In his appealing booklnvisible eities Italo Calvino writes in regards to the towns ofValdrada, the single which lies at the shorelines of a lake, and the opposite that is mirrored within the lake and includes not just the outside of Valdrada at the beaches, but additionally its inside, and possibly its population. "Valdrada's population know", writes Calvino, "that every one in their activities is, straight away, that motion and its reflect snapshot . . . and this information prevents them from succumbing for a unmarried second to probability and forgetfulness". Such replicate­ snapshot family are attribute of the Israeli-Palestinian family, and the attention of this estate is, to my brain, some of the most dominant studies in being 'an Israeli. As an Israeli i will testify that Palestinianism is an enduring resident within the own and collective awareness of Israelis, and i've stable grounds to consider that Zionism performs the same function within the own and collective awareness of Palestinians. The Israeli-Palestinian clash is hence not just political, but additionally very own, and the account I current lower than is not any exception. it truly is my own, and during this appreciate Israeli, point of view of the clash among Israelis and Palestinians, with out pretension to a value-free and target science.

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Despite the fact that this has become the most visible mode of Palestinians seeking work in Israel, it had never been studied before our 1985 survey. One reason for this was probably. the fact that officially street labour markets were illegal and most surveys were conducted by governmental authorities. The latter, like the government itself, chose not to see and not to know about this visible phenomenon. Fifteen street labour markets were surveyed, representing most of the existing major labour markets.

Chapter Three NATIONALISM, SOCIAL THEORY AND THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CASE The first three interview surveys supplied the required fonnal data base for the study; they also enabled to hold informal discussions and conversations with Palestinian workers and Israeli settIers. These discussions and conversations proved to be a qualitatively indispensible body of infonnation. Through them we were able to see and sometimes experience a dimension which is usually absent from fonnal data. And as we shall see below, this body of infonnation was to play an important role in the process of interpretation.

The past history of nations, their past experiences, ethnic origins and associations are the building blocks of the modem world of nations - the very justification for their present and future existence. ) Liberalism begins with the individual and with society as the outcome of the interactions among individuals. Marxism and socialism also begin with the individual, but as a member of an economic dass in a class society. The individual is bom into an already structured society, and thus the analytical starting point is society, not the individual; the latter is determined by the historical social structure.

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