By G. Michael O'Neal

This e-book attracts jointly present matters in previous testomony examine: canonical research and the minor prophets. G. Michael O’Neal applies the canonical strategy of Brevard S. Childs to the booklet of Habakkuk, ensuing not just in an overview of Childs’s strategy, but additionally delivering new insights into the canonical form and theological message of Habakkuk. The findings of textual, old, literary, formal, and redactional criticisms tell the learn. even if, O’Neal is going past those findings to examine the canonical form of Habakkuk and to demonstrate how this form informs an realizing of the book’s theological message.

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9 Most modern commentators follow the latter interpretation. Text-Critical Translation of Habakkuk 37 First Complaint (1:2–4) 2 How longa, LORD, shall I cry out and you not hear? b 3 Why do you make me look at iniquity? How can you tolerate wrongdoing? d Thereforee, torah is impotent and justice is never extended. The wicked have surrounded the righteous; f 2a. 2b. 3c. 3d. 4e. 4f. therefore, justice goes out perverted. 10 It is used in this way with God as the speaker in Exo. 16:28 and Num. 14:11, with a person as speaker concerning another person in Ps.

He ends this section addressing the debate between the “history of religions” school of A. Alt and I. Engnell and the Heilsgeschichte approach of Gerhard von Rad and Walter Eichrodt. This debate has centered to a large extent upon Exodus, although Childs does not give specific examples. In the next major section, “The Canonical Shape of Exodus,” Childs concludes that the book as a whole shows little evidence of a conscious theological shaping. Rather, evidence of canonical shaping appears in the formation and connection of smaller units within the larger structure of the book (171).

1:7). 17e. A w> is affixed to the negative particle in 1QpHab, the Syriac, some MT manuscripts, and some manuscripts of the Targum. The Vision (2:1–4) 1 I will take my standa upon my watchpost; I will station myself upon the rampart. I will keep a vigil to see what he will say to me, and if I should withdrawb my complaint. c Text-Critical Translation of Habakkuk 3 41 For there is still a vision for the appointed time; it strainsd to reach the end, and it will not prove false. If it should tarry, wait for it; for indeed it comes,e it will not delay.

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