By Anna Kasafi Perkins

This selection of serious essays and private reflections explores the insights supplied via reliable statements of the Roman Catholic Bishops of the Caribbean. In so doing, it offers a severe interpreting of the corpus so one can featuring its relevance to the neighborhood and international dialog on concerns of human flourishing.

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Some Later Medieval Theories of the Eucharist: Thomas Aquinas, Gilles of Rome, Duns Scotus and William Ockham

How can the physique and Blood of Christ, with out ever leaving heaven, grow to be particularly current on eucharistic altars the place the bread and wine nonetheless appear to be? 13th and fourteenth century Christian Aristotelians suggestion the reply needed to be "transubstantiation. "
Acclaimed thinker, Marilyn McCord Adams, investigates those later medieval theories of the Eucharist, targeting the writings of Thomas Aquinas, Giles of Rome, Duns Scotus, and William Ockham, with a few connection with Peter Lombard, Hugh of St. Victor, and Bonaventure. She examines how their efforts to formulate and combine this theological datum provoked them to make major revisions in Aristotelian philosophical theories in regards to the metaphysical constitution and site of our bodies, modifications among substance and injuries, causality and causal powers, and primary different types of swap. surroundings those advancements within the theological context that gave upward thrust to the query attracts recognition to their understandings of the sacraments and their function, in addition to to their understandings of the character and future of human beings.
Adams concludes that their philosophical alterations have been in general no longer advert hoc, yet systematic revisions that made room for transubstantiation whereas permitting Aristotle nonetheless to explain what in most cases and of course occurs.

Hugh of Saint Victor

Born in Saxony in 1096, Hugh turned an Augustinian monk and in 1115 moved to the monastery of Saint Victor, Paris, the place he spent the rest of his lifestyles, ultimately changing into the top of the college there. His writings hide the full diversity of arts and sacred technology taught in his day. Paul Rorem bargains a simple creation to Hugh's theology, via a entire survey of his works.

The Turnings of Darkness and Light: Essays in Philosophical and Systematic Theology

This number of essays, written among 1975 and 1987, covers issues together with the doctrine of analogy, the Trinity, theological realism, the problims of evil and affliction, ecclesiology, and the so-called theistic proofs. the sooner writings relect the author's education as a thinker within the Anglo-Aamerican analytic culture.

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The contraction of credit, decline in exports, fall in the price of primary goods such as sugar, rum, or bananas, have led to deterioration in the terms of trade of the region. Highly dependent on imports for both production and consumption, any significant volatility in the exchange rates would negatively impact the standard of living and social stability. Financial weakness and lack of investment capital are among the common features that link the countries in the AEC region together. Other constraints on these economies include a substantial foreign exchange debt that consumes a large part of the fiscal revenue.

And Murphy, J. M. ” In R. S. Hillman and T. J. ), Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, pp. 263–304. Dutile, K. (2011) “How safe is the Caribbean? com/art/services/print. articleid=271505 Espeut, P. html Forbes, M. (2010) Music, Media and Adolescent Sexuality in Jamaica. Kingston: Arawak Publications. Girvan, N. ” In Kenneth Hall and Denis Benn (eds), Contending with Destiny: The Caribbean in the 21st Century. Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, pp. 31–36.

Islam and the Black Muslims of the United States and the Caribbean, answered these fundamental needs. (La Guerre 1991, p. 56) In the wake of 9–11, however, Caribbean Christians are being called to take this community, which is deemed to be different, present yet invisible, with the requisite seriousness. Muslims seem to be the fastest growing non-Christian religion in the region; the existence of so-called radicalized members of that community in various parts of our region has thrown the international spotlight on us and them (Jamat al Muslimeem in Trinidad pre-9–11, Jamaican born Muslim cleric Abdullah el-Faisal jailed and then deported for having links with the London Bombings; some others from Trinidad and Tobago (Abdul Kadir and Kareem Ibrahim) and Guyana (Russell DeFreitas and Adbel Nur) were allegedly involved in a terror plot to bomb the JFK Airport).

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