By Knut Martin Heim

Exegetical research of Proverbs 10:1—22:16. Proverbs are neither statements of this-worldly reason and impression nor universally acceptable doctrines of divine order. fairly, a proverb's that means and ‚truth' are conditioned through the context. the writer delimits sections which the editor(s) of the gathering consciously grouped jointly of their current series. He then examines how those literary preparations either impact the which means of the person proverbs and be sure their functionality in context. Indexes of names, passages and topics are integrated.

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12 Scoralick stressed that 10:1; 13:1 and 15:20, with 03Π ] 3 as common denominator, may introduce subsequent material and further argued that the proverbial groupings in 10:1-5 and 22:5-15 may frame the whole of the collection. 13 Goldingay also argued for coherence in Proverbs 10-15. 14 As educational sayings play an important part in his approach, his contribution will be treated here, although it includes other criteria, (a) Thematically, a close connection between educational, ethical and moral concerns in seeking to understand life is indicated by the particular arrangement.

57 Hildebrandt, "Proverbial Pairs," 208, cited in Scoralick, 145 58 Hildebrandt, "Proverbial Pairs," 2 0 9 59 So Scoralick, 145. 36 Part 1 : Survey of Recent Study his more cautious practice that he has not found more examples. Furthermore, his restricted interest in proverbial pairs has lead him, contrary to his own intentions, to neglect connections to the wider contexts. 61 Hildebrandt seems to move in this direction, stating in his conclusion: "It has been suggested that as the transition is made from the atomistic proverbial sentence to the proverbial collection, the proverbial pairs stands as one molecular element at the collectional level" 6 2 This suggests that he understood the proverb pair as a transitional phenomenon which developed into larger units.

Das bedeutet, daß über alle diejenigen Teile, die auf diese Weise nicht erfasst werden, weder negative noch positive Aussagen möglich sind. " 39 Cf. Krispenz, 37; Scoralick, 124 n. 124, citing Krispenz, 9, misrepresents Kripenz as saying that the interpretation of the individual proverbs is straightforward and obvious; the citation in its larger context demonstrates that Krispenz is representing the views of other scholars: Affirmation o f Coherent Groupings 33 her defintion of alliteration, virtually everything may be counted as alliteration, and it is surprising that Kripenz has not found more links.

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