By Siegfried Böhme, Walter Fricke, Ulrich Güntzel-Lingner, Frieda Henn, Dietlinde Krahn, Gert Zech

Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts, which looks in semi-annual volumes, is dedicated to the re­ cording, summarizing and indexing of astronomical guides during the international. It goals to pre­ despatched a finished documentation of literature in all fields of astronomy and astrophysics. each attempt could be made to make sure that the common time period among the date of receipt of the unique literature and ebook of the abstracts won't exceed 8 months. This time period is as regards to that completed through per 30 days issued abstracting journals, in comparison to which our procedure of gathering abstracts for roughly six months bargains the benefit of larger comfort for the consumer. quantity 2 includes literature released in 1969 and got prior to March 15, 1970; a few older lite­ rature which was once obtained past due and which isn't recorded in quantity 1 is usually incorporated. The authors of papers who've despatched us abstracts on request have successfully contributed to the suc­ cess of our provider. we should always wish to exhibit our gratitude to them. We recognize with thank you con­ tributions to this quantity through Dr. J. Bou~a, who surveyed journals and courses in Czech language and provided us with abstracts in English, through Dr. B. Onderlicka, Brno, for supplying English ab­ stracts of Russian papers, and by way of the Commonwealth medical and business learn association (C.S.I.R.O.), Sydney, for supplying titles and abstracts of papers on radio astronomy.

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