By John A. Emerton

This e-book, a tribute to a widely known outdated testomony pupil, has fifteen articles: six in German, six in English, and 3 in French. a powerful record of Professor Fohrer’s guides contains a few 11 pages on the finish of the amount, and a glance on the record may help to provide an explanation for the alternative of the name Prophecy for this Festschrift.

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Even if Targ means »And I will abandon you«, the figure of laying down a burden is not precluded. This is clear from the exegesis of Rashi and Kimchi who gloss TitftiJl (v. 33) with τατίη and yet suppose that Jeremiah's reply indicates that Yahweh will unburden himself of his people. The argument that »forsake« or »abandon« cannot be stretched to include the laying down of a burden was not accepted by them. In addition, Kimchi suggests that Eton may be regarded as a variant of tpm; this has apparently been assumed by the Syriac translator (cF'qwrkwn »uproot«, »demolish«) and is found in S.

S. Talmon, DSIa as a witness to ancient exegesis of the book of Isaiah, Annual of the Swedish Theological Institute 1 (1962), 62 — 72; reprinted in: F. M. Cross and S. ), Qumran and the History of the Biblical Text, 1975, 116—126. I have cited the article according to the page numbers of the reprint. H . Wildberger, Jesaja 13-27, 1978. J . Ziegler, Isaias, Septuaginta. Vetus Testamentum Graecum auctoritate Societatis Litterarum Gottingensis editum 14, 1939. La dimension du prophetisme d'apres Martin Buber et Abraham J.

M. Weil's argument is 26 27 m , T N ® a , M G W J 76 (1932), 273 - 284. Exegese de Jeremie 23 33 - 40 et de Job 34 28 - 33 (Jeremie 449), R H R 118 (1938), 2 0 1 - 2 0 8 . 42 W. McKane that Nil>a (v. 33) means »pledge« and that xtri ΒΠΠΝ -rrtfr "lin (v. 39) can be related to the usages of in w . 36 and 38 only on this assumption. tftJJ (w. 39. ). The reply DnriN TitfüJi Siran DDK (emending MT, see below), »You are the pledge and I shall forgo you« (that is, leave you unredeemed) is picked up in v.

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