By G.M. Mes

In recommending a ebook like this, one is tempted to fall again on cliches equivalent to 'brilliant insights', 'original perspectives', and so on. The origina­ lity of this e-book is on a distinct airplane. the matter of topic and item has been imperative to Western philo­ sophic pondering no less than because the time of Descartes. rather a lot in order that many scholars of philosophy see it because the philosophical challenge. In his Mundus Cognobilis and Mundus Causalis Mr. Mes bargains an ontological-epistemological view, the originality of which is composed accurately within the incontrovertible fact that it's not an innovation. fairly, it seeks to place 'in order' the weather already to hand in any such method as to teach the subject-object paradox to be non-existent the place it sort of feels to be major and trivial the place it relatively does happen. He has a brand new and fascinating standpoint either on what 'materialism' may suggest and on how a 'scientific' view of the area needs to be developed. 'Energy-patterns' turn out to be explanatory ulti­ associates, even if there's no attempt to reach at any kind of final meta­ physics.

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At the same time we see, in these photographs the even more interesting evidence of the closely knit spiral tracks of the electrons that embellish all these pictures. They are evidence of 'particles' supposed to be flying at a fantastic speed in minute, slowly shifting orbits, held by relatively titanic forces at a fixed distance from a central point where there is absolutely nothing - the closest we have yet come to the observing of a Greek 'epicycle' - and, probably just as valid evidence for what is really there!

Here more interesting developments 48 IN SEARCH OF THE MUNDUS CAUSALIS occur. This 'solidity' (as he sees it) can be defined as a total occupation of the space enclosed in its surfaces by a 'matter' which has an unchanging relationship inside its own material. Hence it can neither change shape nor permit penetration without the use of external force. This 'matter', however, turns out to be unvisualisable. Only its effect can be imagined, not its substance. We can see surfaces but solidity has nothing to do with surfaces except in that it hides behind them.

And what is stranger still, this 'nothing' (which is nothing! ) has qualities. It is 'penetrable' and 'colourless' (and, if one allows oneself to become facetious, 'unthinkable'). It also has a definite 'shape' which is the positive, male, counterpart of the shape of what is 'empty' - something like the shapes of the letters in a stencil. If the remark about 'unthinkable' being a 'property' or 'quality' of 'nothing' (thereby, among other things, predicating its existence) seems too far out, here is a typical example from Lewis and Langford's 'Symbolic Logic' (Dover.

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