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At first the valve is closed and all the water is in tank A. Thus, the water pressure across the valve is at maximum. When the valve is opened, the water flows through the pipe from A to B until the water level becomes the same in both tanks. The water then stops flowing in the pipe, because there is no longer a difference in water pressure between the two tanks. —Water analogy of electric differences of potential. Electron movement through an electric circuit is directly proportional to the difference in potential or electromotive force (emf), across the circuit, just as the flow of water through the pipe in figure 1-19 is directly proportional to the difference in water level in the two tanks.

What term describes voltage or emf? Q37. 1 kV to volts. Q38. Express the following in more simple terms. 001 millivolt. HOW VOLTAGE IS PRODUCED It has been demonstrated that a charge can be produced by rubbing a rubber rod with fur. Because of the friction involved, the rod acquires electrons from the fur, making it negative; the fur becomes positive due to the loss of electrons. These quantities of charge constitute a difference of potential between the rod and the fur. The electrons which make up this difference of potential are capable of doing work if a discharge is allowed to occur.

Therefore, a larger current will flow for a given amount of applied voltage. An increase in current indicates that when the cross-sectional area of a conductor is increased, the resistance must have decreased. If the cross-sectional area of a conductor is decreased, the number of available electrons decreases and, for a given applied voltage, the current through the conductor decreases. A decrease in current flow indicates that when the cross-sectional area of a conductor is decreased, the resistance must have increased.

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