By Yasuo Mukohata

This e-book presents the most recent references for scientists in bioenergetics and similar fields. It additionally deals a competent instruction to scholars who're drawn to becoming a member of this box of the existence sciences.

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1989). Monoclonal antibody HK4001 com­ + + + + pletely inhibits K -dependent ATP hydrolysis and H transport of hog gastric H , K ATPase. J. Biochem. 106, 1074-1079. + + Ball, W. and Loftice, C. D. (1987). Immunochemical studies of N a , K - A T P a s e using site-specific, synthetic peptide directed antibodies. Biochim. Biophs. Acta 915, 100111. Bayer, R. (1990). Topological disposition of the sequences -QRKIVE- and -KETYY in + + native N a , K - A T P a s e . Biochemistry 29, 2251-2256. + Chetverin, A.

401, 399-415, + + + N a , K - A T P a s e and H+, K - A T P a n e 41 J0rgensen, P. L. and Anderson, J. P. (1988), Structural basis for E1-E2 conformational + transitions in Na pump and Ca-pump proteins. J. Membrane Biol. 103, 95-120. , and Kano, K. (1989). Structure of + + the a l subunit of horse N a , K -ATPase gene. FEBS leu. 250, 81-98. , Hara,Y. and Kano, K. (1990). Antigenic determinat of a monoclonal antibody, extracellulat domain at the M3-M4 + + junction of the α subunit of N a , K - A T P a s e .

Interaction of sodium and potassium ions with N a , + + + K - A T P a s e . I. ouabain-sensitive alternateive binding of three N a or two K to the enzyme. J. Biochem. 92, 193-217. Maunsbach, A. , Soderholm, M. and Hebert, H. (1988). Three-dimensional structure and topography of membrane bound Na,K-ATPase. ) Alan R. , Takata, H. and Takeguchi, N. (1990). Binding site of omeprazole in hog gastric + + H , K - A T P a s e . Biochem. Biophys. Res. 167, 754-760. , Nakamura, S. and Iida, S. (1986). Identification of iV-[p-(2-benzimidazolyl)phenyl]maleimide-modified residue participat­ + + ing in dynamic fluorescence changes accompanying N a , K - d e p e n d e n t ATP hydrolysis J.

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