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The basic topic of the booklet of activity is to bare how God takes a guy who's innocent and upright, with a fondness for God, and promotes him to the next non secular airplane. those that persevere within the discomfort and perplexity of the task crucible are being ready for renewed intimacy with God, and should be raised as much as equip the endtime bride of Christ

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God visited Job in a day when the Gentiles were still eligible for revelation from God. This would further confirm that Job lived before Abraham, before the time when God narrowed His revelation to the covenant descendants of Abraham. The evidence is compelling: Job lived before Abraham. Since the exodus from Egypt is not even hinted at, it seems the book was written prior to the exodus, making it the first book of the Bible put on paper. Come with me to the next chapter as we begin to look at the significance of this premise.

Everybody had Job for an example, except for one man: Job! This is why Job is so admirable. He persevered through the crucible with no predecessor, no forerunner, no pattern from which to gain comfort. Job had nobody. He was charting virgin territory, going where no man had gone before. He was making an unprecedented foray onto the swirling battleground of spiritual warfare, where God’s purposes and Satan’s incitements and people’s opinions combine to season the soul. As a result of Job’s faithfulness, God decided to use his example to comfort every generation, providing them with a compass to help them interpret their pathway.

But because she cursed God in her heart, she died. Not that she died physically, but she died spiritually. She had cursed God and died inside, and then she wanted her husband to do the same. What did she die to? Spiritual fruitfulness. At the moment she cursed God, I believe Job’s wife became spiritually barren. Before the story is over, Job is father to ten stunningly beautiful children. But not Job’s wife. Let me explain. A Second Wife? I’m convinced Job’s wife did not bear Job’s second set of children.

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