By Tanizaki Hisashi, Xingyuan Zhang

During this paper, we exhibit tips on how to use Bayesian method within the multiplicative heteroscedasticity version mentioned via [1]. The Gibbs sampler and the Metropolis-Hastings (MH) set of rules are utilized to the multiplicative heteroscedasticity version, the place a few candidate-generating densities are thought of within the MH set of rules. we feature out Monte Carlo examine to ascertain the homes of the estimates through Bayesian technique and the normal opposite numbers akin to the converted two-step estimator (M2SE) and the utmost chance estimator (MLE). Our result of Monte Carlo research express that the candidate-generating density selected in our paper is appropriate, and Bayesian process exhibits greater functionality than the normal opposite numbers within the criterion of the foundation suggest sq. blunders (RMSE) and the interquartile diversity (IR).

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