By Joseph Terry

Your catastrophe domestic protection Plan! If the grid is going down, you can't depend upon conventional legislation enforcement to guard you from the lawlessness that might take over. Your family's protection could be completely your accountability. Are you ready to safeguard you and yours within the wake of a huge catastrophe? you may be if you happen to stick to the directions during this ebook. ready & Armed teaches you the way to band including likeminded Read more...

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As the illustration shows, the focal point must be the front sight post or blade. The target should be described as a “general shape” against which the crystal clear front sight is placed. At the range, when the shooter is on target and using a gun with iron sites, keep repeating to the shooter, “Focus on the front sight. Focus on the front sight. ” The action really isn’t a squeeze, because a squeeze implies moving opposing forces together, and in the case of a handgun, those opposing forces would be the thumb and trigger finger moving together in a pinching motion.

Friends and family members are only candidates for fire team membership until they can demonstrate the skill level necessary to qualify for the slot. When in doubt, broaden your search. TRAINING EXERCISES Identify candidates for your fire team. Purchase additional copies of this book and distribute them as training manuals. Have a general discussion about disaster preparedness. Objective: Establish your team. Advanced Exercise: Take a day-long hike with a picnic stop. Advanced Exercise Objective: Test patience, endurance, compatibility and team spirit.

It doesn’t take long before the young officer or deputy is confronted with grisly examples of abject human depravity. During their probationary year, they learn the proper and timely use of force, or they are “encouraged” by their peers to seek employment elsewhere. Your survival group members are no different from today’s more diverse generation of law enforcement rookies. Although the survival group may be led by somebody with a keen eye on the risks and lots of trigger time, chances are very good that your group must adjust its recruitment and training protocols to include members who have no special interest in guns as a hobby or any comprehension of how startling it is to look into the eyes of somebody who, given half a chance, would kill you in a heartbeat.

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