By Paul Henkind (auth.), H. Zauberman (eds.)

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1. 31 pies do not contain proteins from PE or retina cells (PE and R) or proteins synthesized by them (PI and RI). In Fig. 2 are shown gels electrophoresed in the absence of both SDS and DTT. In this case proteins migrate mainly according to charge, not size. Again, the pattern of IPM (M) is totally different from that of serum (SB). ) Glycoproteins in [PM and tissues. Glycoproteins in the matrix are of interest as potential cell adhesion factors. Therefore, SDS gels were stained for carbohydrate by the PAS method, to identify glycoproteins.

12. At a later stage, a part of the disks are detached in order to form the phagosome (P). Electron microscopy (x 45 ,000). 53 100 % 80 60 '0 }O C L; Lj L, R, R} R3 R, RS Fig. 14. Percentage of horse's cones and rods in the various topographic zones, indicated in Fig. 1. The distribution is rather homogeneous. The higher percentage of cones at the level of R3 is not statistically significant. l .... • l ............ •..... •••. •••. , •...... , ••• A•••• l ••••• ' ••• , •••••••• , •••••••• , • • •••• • A•••••••••••••••• 1 •••••• , ••••• a...

M. O. M. Tso. Proliferation of the retinal pigment epithelium over malignant choroidal tumors: A light and electron microscopic study. Amer 1. Ophthalmol. 73: 914 (1972). Wallow, I. H. , & M. O. M. Tso. Retinal repair after xenon arc photocoagulation: III. The evaluation of retinal lesions in the rhesus monkey. Amer. J. Ophthalmol. 79: 951 (1973). A. 23 PROTEINS OF THE BOVINE INTERPHOTORECEPTOR MATRIX ALICE 1. ADLER & KATHERINE M. ) ABSTRACT Soluble material from the interphotoreceptor matrix of adult bovine eyes was isolated by washing of the retina and of the apical pigment epithelium (PE) surface.

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