By Chris Smith

Why examine F#? This multi-paradigm language not just provide you with a massive productiveness advance via useful programming, it additionally permits you to strengthen purposes utilizing your present object-oriented and principal programming talents. With Programming F#, you will quick notice the numerous merits of Microsoft's new language, together with entry to all of the nice instruments and libraries of the .NET platform. how to take advantage of practical programming to your subsequent undertaking -- even if it is quantitative computing, large-scale info exploration, or perhaps a pursuit of your personal. With this complete advisor, F# staff member Chris Smith provides a head commence at the basics and complicated suggestions of the F# language.

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In F#, the order in which code files are compiled is significant. You can only call into functions and classes defined earlier in the code file or in a separate code file compiled before the file where the function or class is used. If you rearrange the order of the source files, your program may no longer build! The reason for this significance in compilation order is type inference, a topic covered in the next chapter. F# source files are compiled in the order they are displayed in Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer, from top to bottom.

Console should still be used for input, however. Printing text to the console isn’t especially exciting, but printf adds a lot of power in that it has formatting and checking built-in. By providing a format specifier, listed in Table 2-12, you can drop in data as well. 23;; --------------------------^^^^^ stdin(2,27): error FS0001: The type 'float' is not compatible with any of the types byte,int16,int32,int64,sbyte,uint16,uint32,uint64,nativeint,unativeint, arising from the use of a printf-style format string.

Notice how function g is able to use its parent function f ’s parameter fParam: > // Nested functions let moduleValue = 1 let f fParam = let g gParam = fParam + gParam + moduleValue let a = g 1 let b = g 2 a + b;; val moduleValue : int = 1 val f : int -> int It may seem as though defining functions within functions can only lead to confusion, but the ability to limit the scope of functions is very useful. It helps prevent pollution of the surrounding module by allowing you to keep small, specific functions local to just where they are needed.

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