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The evidence certainly argues that spatial separation produces separable dimensions, and that these ordinarily lead to mandatory attentive selection—that is, neither the integration nor the combination tasks can be carried out successfully. It is not clear, however, that stimulus dimensions that are spatially coincident are integral. It is possible that some types of spatially coincident dimensions will lead to optional attentive selection, while others (those truly integral) will lead to mandatory distributed attention.

1. MANDATORY SELECTION Outcome a shows successful carrying out of the selection task, but failure on the other two tasks. Since selection does occur, selection is at least possible. But since information in the correlated task is not integrated, and since there is failure to process both sources of information on the combi- 2. THE PROCESSING OF MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INFORMATION 31 nation task with independent information, it must be concluded that the subject in such a set of experiments had no choice but to attend selectively.

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