By Dalai Lama II Dge- Dun-Rgya-Mtsho;Glenn Mullin;Zasep Rinpoche

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B) Having discerned egolessness, maintaining an awareness of it. , vipassyana] with emptiness as its object; and, (4) maintaining the awareness of the unity of great bliss and emptiness, which is the method expounded within the Highest Yoga Tantras. This short treatise on how to recognize the object to be refuted in the theory of emptiness, and on the contemplative reasonings to be followed in order actually to eliminate the distorting influences caused by grasping at the false T ’, has been written for beginners and therefore aims at satisfying the criteria of being both easy to read and simple to practice.

You whose efforts to benefit others are spontaneous, A wish-fulfilling gem free from every construct, Who manifests like a reflection in pure lapis lazuli, 1 rejoice in the splendor of your being. 0 all-kind guru, gaze at the beings enmeshed in sorrow. Turn the Wheel of profound Dharma For trainees equal in number to the sands of a million Ganges Rivers In accordance with their specific spiritual needs. All-kind guru, who has attained the state of undying Vajra Being, Even though you are beyond birth and death7 1 make this request to you: Do not reveal a semblance of passing away But remain in the world and guide countless trainees To the peerless state of Buddhahood.

If it were inherently existent it would not have to rely upon causes and conditions. From this reasoning we can understand that it is not inherently existent. This is how The H eart of Practice 39 appearance eliminates the extreme of existence, or eternalism. Thus the reasoning ‘because it is a dependent arising5has the ability to eliminate both extremes of nihilism and eternalism at one and the same time. Hence it is called ‘dependent arising, the King of Reasonings’. Let me take this a little deeper.

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