By J. L. B Smith, Margaret M. Smith, Phillip C. Heemstra

A reprinted version of a piece at the sea fishes of Southern Africa, containing new species descriptions and additions and corrections to the textual content.

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Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories: Volume 2

The current quantity comprises the texts of the invited talks added on the 6th overseas convention on contemporary development in Many-Body Theories held in Arad, Israel in the course of the interval November 5-10 1989. The host institute used to be the Physics division on the Ben Gurion collage of the Negev. Beside the invited talks there were additionally poster periods.

Reaction Centers of Photosynthetic Bacteria: Feldafing-II-Meeting

Response facilities of Photosynthetic micro organism is an up-to-date checklist at the latest perception into the struc- ture/function courting of response facilities from photosynthetic micro organism. It addresses specifically, interactions and dynamics which ensure the ultra-high quantum yield of photoinduced cost separation in those energy-transforming molecular machines.

Global to Local: Ecological Land Classification: Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada, August 14–17, 1994

Ecological Land class (ELC) refers back to the description of land assets at various spatial resolutions (i. e. worldwide to neighborhood) and for various reasons or values. The rising technology of ELC is in truth a truly rigorously built-in mix of plants and earth sciences, climatology, cartography and ecology with more than a few new applied sciences and methodologies together with computer-based geographic info structures, distant sensing and simulation modelling.

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Treatment of a shark attack victim 1. It is most important to stop the bleeding and keep the victim breathing. Apply artificial respiration if breathing stops. 2. Place victim on the beach out of reach of the waves and parallel to the sea (not head downwards). Raise his legs to promote blood flow to the brain. 3. Send for medical help immediately. 4. Serum, plasma or blood must be administered intravenously as soon as possible; record pulse and blood pressure at frequent intervals. 5. Do not move the patient for 30 minutes to avoid the fatal secondary shock.

Oceanography of the Southern African region by F. A. Shillington In order to understand the habitat and distribution of the fishes of southern Africa, it is important to outline the physical oceanography of this region. MARINE GEOLOGY AND BOTTOM TOPOGRAPHY It is now believed that about 200 million years ago, there existed a supercontinent known as Gondwanaland, comprising Africa, South America, Australia, India and Antarctica (Fig. 1). About 180 million years ago this continent broke into a western and eastern half, leading eventually to the formation of the Indian Ocean.

Parrotfishes, wrasses and some angelfishes). This conspicuous difference in males and females is obviously important in the reproductive behaviour of these species. Some fishes exhibit sexual dichromatism only when they are about to spawn. Species recognition is important not only for mating, but also for territorial fishes and for those fishes that want to "advertise" their presence to others. The cleaner wrasse, Labroides dimidiatus, picks parasites from other fishes and is thus generally welcomed by reef fishes which benefit from its grooming.

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