By W. J. Weston M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.P. (Edin.), F.R.C.R.A., D.M.R.D., D. G. Palmer M.D., M.R.C.P., F.R.A.C.P (auth.)

During the previous decade there was a burgeoning of curiosity in arthritis and comparable rheumatic ailments. The spe­ ciality of rheumatology, as soon as considered as a "Cinderella" speciality, is now one of many prime specialties in inner medication. certainly, simply as boy or girl mortality is an efficient index of the final well-being of a neighborhood, so a college Med­ ical college will be equally judged by way of the standard of its division of Rheumatology. maybe no different distinctiveness has helped to boost wisdom in medication as has rheu­ matology One may have proposal that little might be extra to the medical and radiologic description of 1 of the main studied ailments in rheumatology~rheumatoid arthritis. There are numerous very good huge radiology textbooks on bones and joints, and it really is wonderful that one more publication has been released. notwithstanding, the reader will quickly take pleasure in on interpreting this marvelous radiologic textual content on rheumatoid arthritis that this is whatever new and relatively diversified from what has been released some time past. the combo of clinician and radiologist has produced a textbook so one can develop into a typical reference at the topic. The authors are either popular of their respective fields they usually have focused on the early adjustments within the disease-not basically these within the articular surfaces but in addition these within the tender tissues. In 1948 the past due Dr Philip Ellman coined the time period "rheumatoid disease," to point the systemic nature of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Line diagram of sagittal section of the elbow joint. The synovial cav ity is in the cross-hatched area. I , triceps muscle; 2, ex tensor carpi ulnaris muscle; 3, radial nerve; 4, brachialis muscle; 5, brachiorad ialis muscle; 6, extensor carpi radialis longus muscle ; 7, decp radia l nerve (posterior interosseous nerve); 8, supinator line; 9, supi nator muscle. '-I--5 --\--++--6 2'--\\- Soft Tissues of the Extremities 40 B pertrophy, joint m ice, a nd edema. The synovial changes take on a pattern which is predic table unless saccu lat ion has occurred (3,9).

The principal soft t issue land ma rk in the radiol ogic exam ination of the wris t reg ion is the fatt y plane which lies on the ventral aspect of pronator quadratus. This fat represents in part the cxtrasynovia l fat of the shea ths of flexor sublimus and flex or profundus dig itorum. The remainder of the fat furm s the intermuscu lar fatty layer. Weinste in (3 5), in a sma ll pamphlet , described the translucent line which may be seen in the lateral view of the wrist ventra l to pronator quadratus.

Rupture of the rolator cuff was confirmed by arthrography. The villous hypertrophy of the synovia l membrane and the joint mice could also be secn. Markedly enlarged lymph glands were noted in the axilla (1 7). They were demonstrated best on the rad iographs taken on industrial fil m using the mammography tech nique (Fig. 2-1SA-C). 2-IS. A. Arthrogram with humerus abducted . The en larged lympha tic glands are seen in the axilla. The subdeltoid bursa is filled by way of a tear in the rotator cufr.

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