By Celis T. Rono

The grey Armageddon has destroyed so much of humanity. Vampires have slinked out of hiding, penning the few human survivors as blood livestock. younger Julia Poe survives the horror. She has dodged the undead considering she used to be 8 years previous in downtown l. a. and has the single untapped vein within the new realm. Now she celebrates her twenty second birthday as a livestock rustler, combating the vampire factions along a gun-toting nun with a bigger vendetta. Kaleb Sainvire, the grasp vampire and architect accountable for `milking cattle,' is first on Poe's record. that's, if she is not taken via his vampiric attract.

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She cried in frustration. It was then that Sister Ann blinked open, a hoarse sound emitting from her throat. “Holy God,” said Poe, pulling out a bottle from her pack and pouring some water into Sister’s open mouth. “Do not,” began Sister, coughing. “Do not use the Lord’s name in vain, Julia Poe,” she said tiredly. “Sorry, Sister. ” Sister shifted her position and attempted to sit up. Poe helped her. “I feel like hell. Go slice some lemons. ” She stared at the discolored face of Goss. “They’ll be back soon,” said Sister Ann when Poe came back with four sliced lemons.

Otherwise, the moon, flaming metal rubbish drums, and flashlights were the only light sources at night. The city truly became dead after sunset. Not once during the weeks under metal slabs, inside janitorial closets, and semi-buried below the 49 Rono/That Which Bites earth did Poe avoid hearing the garbled, gleeful sounds of vampires hunting four-legged beasts. “Look how low we’ve been reduced to,” the bitterest of two voices complained from below a dark attic hideout where Poe could clearly see through the uneven floor slabs.

Goss’ arm muscles bulged as he rained fire over the halfdeads who were obviously toying with them. Sister glanced at Poe. The girl’s sidearms were down to her side. She’d stopped firing altogether, her eyes carefully following Charlene’s every move. Inhaling deeply, Poe raised her Beretta and fired once. The haze that was Charlene slumped face down on the roof, writhing for a few seconds until her body stilled. Sister felt a chill through her body. She’d always thought the girl was an instinctive shooter, but hitting a vampire that was a mere blur with one bullet in the heart should have been impossible.

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