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It was Stanislav. He had now finish school and had come to join his friend. Good old faithful Stanislav. Anton was very happy to see him, and together they decided that Anton must finish the boxings, and they must set out to make their fortune comparing meerkats. The next morning they loaded an old cart with as many meerkat paintings as they could carry and made their way to Moscow flea market (which, puzzlingly and disappointingly, was not actually a market for flea selling). Anton neatly arranged the portraits of Knightkat and Paintkat, and Soldierkat and Factorykat, and Stanislav got on a box with his speaking trumpet.

In Moscow, a nasty faction of government meerkats had decide to rid the country of gypsy camps. The ‘Furry Terror’swept through the countrysides. Simples, hardworking gypsykats were forced from their homes and sent to ghettos in the city. Dreadfully, this was where my Great Granddaddy Vitaly and my Great Grandmummy Valentina met their ends. Grigory, Anastasia and little Anton wept for them in their tiny draughty apartment room. The ‘Furry Terror’swept through the countrysides. “NEVER play baccarat with a muskrat”.

CHAPTER The 14 Making of the Movies EVEN though I have many educational advertisements on television, some peoples still confused. That is why I decided to up the ants and make thrilling and tender sixty-second epic movie films of my ancestors’story: the courageousness journey from Kalahari to Russia; the fearlessness battle against evil mongooses; and the ambitiousness building of a business empire. You have already been amazed by shots from these movie films in first half of this book. Casting for films was simples.

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