By Michel Baudry, Gary Lynch (auth.), V. A. Najjar (eds.)

the GABA elevate occurs and (2) the realm of the mind that can mediate the anticonvulsant research of the body structure, biochemistry, task. 3 compounds that bring up mind pharmacology and anatomy of GAB A and GABA­ GABA via exact mechanisms have been utilized in those containing neural platforms, maintains to bare the reviews: di-n-propylacetate (DPA, sodium val­ wealthy complexities linked to this neuroactive proate, Depakene(R)), amino-oxyacetic acid amino acid (see fresh symposia 1,2,3). Advances (AOAA) and y-vinyl GABA (GVG). within the pharmacology of GABA-mimetic brokers within the subsequent sections, the metabolism of GABA have ended in the advance of compounds and a quick old account of the connection that could selectively turn on GABA receptors (4,5, among GABA and anticonvulsant task are 6, 7), inhibit the substitute and degradative enzymes defined via a dialogue ofthe biochemical for GABA (8, nine) or have an effect on the neuronal and glial and pharmacological results of the 3 medications. In uptake methods for GABA (10, 11). This has specific, the literature concerning the suppres­ already had an important effect on our lower than­ sion of seizures and the correlation among anti­ status of the function of GABA in convulsions and a convulsant motion and raises in mind G ABA will diversity of alternative CNS features together with feeding be tested. (12), cardiovascular keep an eye on (13), motor job (14) and free up of pituitary hormones (15). sooner than 1.

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The assumption was made that the relative inhibitory potency of these polyglutamates would parallel the polyglutamate substrate activity, although the absolute values would be different. Inhibition increased with chain length (Table 2) until PteGlus, which was ten-fold more inhibitory than PteGlu, and thus the cyclohydrolase displayed preferential binding of polyglutamate inhibitors, and probably also of polyglutamate substrates. The dehydrogenase and cyclohydrolase activities of this trifunctional protein both show their maximum effect with a pentaglutamate derivative (53).

The real usefulness of these results is that they may give us a notion of the relative increase in binding to be expected from polyglutamylation. This is particularly important in cases (53) where the actual polyglutamate substrates are difficult to synthesize and test. Inhibition by PteGlu n might usefully serve as a quick, first test of an enzyme's response to polyglutamyl derivatives. More information on PteGlu n inhibition of enzymes whose polyglutamate substrate specificity is established (Table I) would be necessary to establish the validity of this test.

Ished work). The buffer species generally has little or no effect on activity at the optimal pH (15, 90, 103, 107). TrisHCI, triethanolamine-HCI, diethanolamine-HCl, Table 4. Kinetic constants of folylpolyglutamate synthetases. Source Escherichia colia Corynebacterium sp. D. c a) Masurekar and Brown (110). 2 mM ATP (I mM MgCI 2). b) Shane (128). D. = not determined. c) McGuire et al. (107). D. = not determined. Complex kinetics with folate substrates make determination of Km values impossible (see section on Folate products).

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