By Philip Kazan

A rare tale of ardour, artwork, and intrigue, this novel trips to a time and position in Italy the place hope reigns supreme—and salvation is located within the strangest of places.
Beauty could be a gift—or a depraved temptation.

So it's for Filippo Lippi, transforming into up in Renaissance Florence. He has a talent—not in basic terms can he see the wonder in every thing, he can trap it, paint it. yet whereas good looks can seduce you and paintings can delivery you—it can't consistently feed you or shield you.

To live to tell the tale, Pippo Lippi, orphan, highway urchin, budding rogue, needs to first turn into Fra Filippo Lippi: Carmelite friar, guy of God. His existence will take him down paths right away. he'll develop into a gambler, a forger, a seducer of nuns; and even as he'll be the best painter of his time, the instructor of Botticelli and the confidante of the Medicis.

So who's he really—lover, believer, father, instructor, artist? Is something precise other than the paintings?

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But I thought not well. Thou hast thrown upon it water such as blacksmiths use, so that it burneth more than it did. Ó (69) Troilus spake to her much as above, as they both held one another in close embrace, and falling into playful speech they used in 52 Boccaccio their talk all those words which are customarily spoken between one lover and another to express such delights, kissing one anotherÕs mouths, eyes, and breasts, giving to one another the salutations which when they wrote to each other had been unexpressed.

100) ÒFrom all this, lady, there ariseth a fire which tortureth my soul day and night, without allowing me to find opportunity for rest. Mine eyes weep and my breast sigheth thereat, and little by little I feel myself consumed by this ardor that stirreth about within me. For this reason it behooveth me to have recourse solely to thy virtue, if I wish to have relief. 34 Boccaccio (101) ÒThou alone, when thou wishest, canst give these sore torments sweet peace. Thou alone, my lady, canst give this painful affliction surcease.

133) Pandarus, who perceived the flames enkindled in the breast of him whom he loved, was often liberal of his prayers to Cressida, and related to her without concealment all that he observed of Troilus. Ó 39 Filostrato (134) ÒThis is not enough,Ó replied Pandarus. Ó To him Cressida said in reply: ÒThis mean I never to do for him, for the crown of my virtue I intend on no account to give him. Ó (135) Pandarus replied: ÒThis crown the priests commend in those of you from whom they cannot take it.

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