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6 According to Westermann's analysis, in all other cases the element of the promise does not belong to the oldest constituent part of the narrative. 7 Investigation must 1 Cf. 1. 2 Op. , pp. 11-34. 3 Op. , p. 33. 4 Op. , p. 19. It is notable that both narratives contain as well elements of a place etiology. 5 Op. , pp. 21ff. 6 Op. , p. 29. 7 Op. , p. 33. 54 The Process of Transmission in the Pentateuch carry on from here. However, there must first be a series of preliminary studies before this 'stage when the old narratives were brought together to form larger units' can be clearly set in focus; for the complicated situation, already referred to, does not allow an immediate analysis of the text.

2. 5 Op. 64. 6 Genesis 1-11, p. 566. In the table on the same page, the last group stands under the heading 'Crime and Punishment'. 7 Op. 64. 34 The Process of Transmission in the Pentateuch present composition. Gunkel speaks of a 'thread as the last collector will have conceived it';1 von Rad sees in the composition 'the directing of the individual pieces of material towards a goal';2 and Westermann puts the question whether these apparently unconnected texts are 'somehow... 3 Two things become clear from this first of the larger units: the individual pieces and their narrative shape have preserved a great deal of independence with respect to each other; nevertheless, they seem to have been put together as if by one who wanted to impose a unified form, so that despite this disparity in the individual elements, the whole has the effect of a tightly closed unit.

292-300. 17 onwards under the heading 'Jacob in Canaan', p. 368. 3 Op. , p. 292. 4 Op. , p. 291. 5 Ibid. 6 Op. , p. 292. 2. The Patriarchal Stories 45 the flight from Esau and the retreat from Laban. The Jacob story then is supported by these two narratives 'as a bridge is supported by two pylons... 1 Westermann too has arrived at essentially the same division and designation of the constituent parts of the Jacob narrative. 3 There is an independent Isaac story in Genesis 26. The literature for the most part does not evaluate this chapter as an independent section, but looks at it within the frame of the Jacob story.

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