By Peter Owen

How you can tie and use the entire Most worthy and useful knots for daily use at paintings, domestic, game or play. Unencumbered via knot-tying jargon and technical phrases, this publication presents basic, step by step directions and outstandingly transparent line drawings for the knots that may remedy the day by day knot wishes of just about all people. Knots contain: Reef knot, Figure-eight loop, Sheet bend, Fisherman's knot, Uni-knot, Bowline, Clove hitch, Waggoner's hitch, Constrictor knot, and more--even how you can tie a bow tie!

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Continued next page > B OWLINE 45 T HE R EALLY U SEFUL L ITTLE B OOK OF K NOTS > Bowline continued 3 Make any final adjustments to the size of the required loop and then tighten the knot into its final form. Adjust the final loop size before tightening the knot. 4 For added security, the bowline can be finished with a stopper knot. added security stopper knot tied with the line end > 46 B OWLINE T HE R EALLY U SEFUL L ITTLE B OOK OF K NOTS T HE R UNNING B OWLINE 1 2 3 A variation on the bowline, the running bowline can be used as a secure sliding knot.

1). Tighten the first uni-knot and then repeat the process with the second line (fig. 2). With both knots tightened, pull on both lines to start drawing the two knots together (fig. 3). Engage the two knots and then pull to tighten the final knot (fig. 4). If necessary, trim off the line ends after the knot is correctly tied. U NI -K NOT 43 T HE R EALLY U SEFUL L ITTLE B OOK OF K NOTS BOWLINE The bowline (say boh-linn) is used to form a fixed loop at the end of a line or to attach a line to an object.

The strain will create the jamming action. 4 If a quick-release knot is required, double the jammed line back on itself to create a “slip” that can be pulled for quick release. > 30 S HEET B END T HE R EALLY U SEFUL L ITTLE B OOK OF K NOTS A TTACHING A S HEET B END TO AN O BJECT A sheet bend can be adapted to fasten a line to anything that has an opening through which you can pass a single line that can be trapped under itself—for example, attaching a line to a tool handle to be lifted, lowered, or hung.

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