By Ralph Raico (auth.), Murray N. Rothbard, Walter Block (eds.)

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99-101. , War and Other Essays, Albert Galloway Keller, ed. : Yale University Press, 1911), p. 247-68. 106Quoted in Miiller-Plantenberg, Der Freisinn nach Bismarcks Sturz, p. 146. 107Bruno Walter, Thema und Variationen: Erinnerungen und Gedanken (Stockholm: Bermann-Fischer, 1947), pp. 16 and 21. 10BCf. ,,109 After all that the Germans have gone through since Richter's time, it is easier to ascertain where his significance lies. He was, as regards Germany, the great advocate of the liberal world-revolution that constitutes the meaning of modern history.

291). Eagerness for improved living standards in conjunction with the recognition of the higher productivity of social cooperation provides the specific motivation that induces an individual to renounce autarkic economic activity and willingly integrate himself into the social division of labor. Accordingly, Every step by which an individual substitutes concerted action for isolated action results in an immediate and recognizable improvement in his conditions. The advantages derived from peaceful cooperation and division oflabor are universal.

The price structure, the market itself is predicated upon an intellectual operation consciously originated and performed by the individual human mind. " According to Mises monetary calculation is ''the intellectual basis of the market economy" and ''the guiding star of action under the social system of division of labor" (1966, pp. 229, 259). It is a "method of thinking" purposefully created by "acting man," which ''made it possible to calculate his actions" (Mises 1966, p. 231). Calculation is absolutely necessary for an actor to determine the most advantageous allocation of scarce resources in a world in which resources are neither purely nonspecific nor absolutely specific to a wide variety of possible production processes (Mises 1966, pp.

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