By Johannes C. de Moor, Willem Van Der Meer

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Mlhmt 50 M ar jo C. A. K orpel-Johannes C. de Moor St . b'prm . ddym . sk. Sim Ikbd. 'ars. 'arbdd . Ikbd . Sdm Oppose war on earth, put love—fruit in the ground, pour peace in the middle of the earth, tranquillity in the middle of the fields ! I hSk 'sk . 'bsk . 'my . p'nk tismn . 'my . twth . 'iSdk Hurry up ! Press on ! Make haste ! Let your feet run towards me, let your legs rush towards me ! 2 dm . rgm . 'it . ly . w'argmk hwt w'atnyk . l rgm . 's . wlhst 'abn . rgm , I td* . nSm . w l tbn hmlt .

5-8 t\Sr . I . dd . 'al'iyn VI . yd . pdry . bt . 'or 'ahbt [ . ]tly . rb . dd . 'arsy bt . y'bdr She will sing of the love of Ba'lu, the Almighty, the affection of Pidrayu, the girl of the honey—dew, the passion of Tallayu, the girl of the mist, the love of Arsayu, the girl of the ample flowing. 3 we discussed the 'ny- and '*'d&-formulae which apparently could be expanded to quadrocola. 41-43 s' . 'ü . dqt . k'amr sknt . khwt . ym'an dbh . r'umm . Irbbt a tremendous bowl, delicate as in Amurru, shaped as in the region of Yam'anu, in which there were wild oxen by the myriads.

Tsmd . phi . bkm tS'u . 'abh . tStnn . Ibmt 'r lysmsm . bmt . phi 25 'Hear, Pughatu, (you) who carry water on your shoulder, who scoop up dew from the wool, who know the course of the stars ! Saddle a he—ass, harness a male. '. Pughatu obeyed, (she) who carried water on her shoulder, who scooped up dew from the wool, who knew the course of the stars. Thereupon she saddled a he—ass, thereupon she harnessed the male. Thereupon she lifted up her father, put him on the back of the he—ass, on the most comfortable part of the back of the male.

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