By Karen E. Peterson

The Procrastination-Protection Syndrome explains why we: understand the fundamental rules of time administration yet cannot deliver ourselves to exploit them usually procrastinate on projects that require solitude keep away from making judgements which are vitally important frequently interact in compulsive consuming, smoking, over the top intake of caffeine, or different meaningless actions consider like workaholics yet by no means appear to end whatever do not cost that we're pleasurable our destinies steer clear of using the suitable facet of the mind, which holds the main to finishing procrastination Borrowing both from her personal tale of restoration from procrastination, composite scientific case examples, mental study, and interviews with hugely efficient participants similar to Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Peterson deals a fashion out of the day after today capture in order that we will be able to ultimately take cost of our lives, enjoy luck and include our crucial destinies.

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Until this is done, one cannot fully enjoy a successful life either materially or spiritually. We must learn to Page 36 overcome the obstacles that we are handed at birth, both major and minor. And no matter whether you are an agnostic or a member of a specific religious group, it is clear that overcoming such obstacles is a necessity for healthier, enlightened living, whether now or in some sort of afterlife. For example, in some Eastern philosophies, it would be said that by overcoming these obstacleswhich can produce shame and subsequently procrastinationwe are working through our "karma," barnacles of old issues that need to be resolved in order to achieve perfection and oneness with God and the universe, a state of being known as moksha in Hindu philosophy or as nirvana in Buddhist terms.

To deal with her frustration, Cynthia often ate compulsively; she had gained 75 pounds since completing graduate school. As a result of her weight gain, she put off joining clubs and professional groups where she could meet men. She feared rejection based on her appearance. Upon closer inquiry, it became apparent that Cynthia was trying to maintain her balance on a tightrope of approvalwith one parent at each end. Her father, who had insisted that Cynthia follow his career path, was always reminding her that if she did well enough, she might take over his multi-million-dollar business.

He added that although he appreciated the substantial hike in salary, he yearned for the old days when he could focus more closely on being creative, rather than on such boring tasks that he now ''had" to do. Page 14 Robert's case is a clear example of task-related procrastination. On a daily basis he faced aversive tasks that prevented him from doing what he enjoyed. When we explored the fact that he was in a management position by choice, even with all the "aversive tasks," Robert began to see his situation in a different light.

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