By Michael B. Shepherd

Grammarians were not able to supply a enough reason for the verbal process of Biblical Aramaic by way of the traditional different types of annoying and point. Michael B. Shepherd exposes this case and indicates a fashion out of the current deadlock via distributional research through presenting that Biblical Aramaic has a chief verbal shape for narration and a major verbal shape for discourse. this easy but entire inspiration holds real not just for Biblical Aramaic but in addition for extra-Biblical Aramaic texts. This quantity is an critical source for classes in Biblical Aramaic and for somebody who needs to learn and comprehend the Biblical Aramaic corpus.

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After a specific exploration of textlinguistics, this chapter will examine the broader backdrop of modern linguistics primarily through the works of Ferdinand de Saussure and Siegfried Schmidt. It will be observed that textlinguistics is in many ways very much an outsider to the trends of modern linguistics. Textlinguistics and distributional analysis are unique in their appropriateness to the study of texts written in what is now dead language. Therefore, discussion of dead languages such as Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic will form an essential component of this chapter.

Rom 1:2; 16:26). 78 The Hebrew phrase occurs in Dan 10:14. 79 John H. Sailhamer, The Pentateuch as Narrative (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1992), 35– 37; idem, Introduction to Old Testament Theology (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995), 209–12. 80 Shepherd, “Daniel 7:13,” 104. 81 See Franz Rosenthal, Die Aramaistische Forschung (Leiden: Brill, 1964), 63. , 63–65. , 64. 84 Segert, Altaramäische Grammatik, 444. 85 Rolf Rendtorff, The Old Testament: An Introduction, trans. John Bowden (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1986), 60.

The Aramaic of Daniel stands not as translation Aramaic, but as composed Aramaic. Jeremiah 10:11–12 makes for a good analogy, but ultimately the evidence within the book of Daniel must speak for itself. The internal unity of the two pieces of material, the messianic inner-textuality, and the eschatological inter-textuality of the composition both give rise to and validate the text theory proposed herein. The book of Daniel has received by far the most attention in discussions of the presence of Aramaic in the Bible, but the situation in Ezra is no less intriguing.

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