By Gillian Keys

This paintings highlights the transforming into dissatisfaction with the Succession Narrative speculation. Keys argues relatively that 2 Samuel 10-20 is a self-contained record in its personal correct, a theological biography studying the character of punishment for sin within the lifetime of David. The nexus of sin and punishment is the motivating strength at the back of the rfile. Of specific curiosity to many stands out as the beginning bankruptcy, which charts intimately the advance of the Succession Narrative speculation from Rost till the current day. additionally extraordinary is the author's accounting for the absence of a lot of the David fabric from Chronicles.

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29 Indeed it is also possible to observe a much more recent use of the David stories in Stefan Heym's (1972) satirical novel, The King David Report. This work employs all the David narratives in 1 Samuel 6-1 Kings 2 to comment on the treatment of history and politics in a totalitarian state. 30 Nevertheless, both these treatments of the material demonstrate that even if SN was not originally intended as political propaganda, it does have the internal capacity to be interpreted in this way. 27. 13-18) were seen by McCarter to mirror statements about Absalom in 2 Sam.

The idea of succession as the main theme and motivating force of the work rests entirely upon this 15. Cf. 1 Sam. 3la, where Saul, addressing Jonathan, says: 'For as long as the son of Jesse lives upon the earth neither you nor your kingdom shall be established'. 16. It should be noted that there is at least one example in Kings of a younger son succeeding his father to the throne. 31, 36 are to be trusted, then Josiah's successor Jehoahaz was 23 years old when he came to the throne, while his brother Jehoiakim was 25 years old.

Hagan Hagan's 1979 article, 'Deception as Motif and Theme in 2 Samuel 9-20; 1 Kings 1-2', represents a valuable development in the study of SN, especially with regard to theme. Hagan did not reject Rost's view of the succession theme, but he argued that it is simply one of many themes that run through the work. In this article, Hagan explored the theme of deception in SN. He listed eighteen primary occurrences of the motif of deception in 2 Samuel 920 and 1 Kings 1-2, but held that the total number of such occurrences is higher because several of these contain more than one element of deception.

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