By Paul L. Redditt, Aaron Schart

For a few years the view has develop into validated that the e-book of the Twelve is a systematically dependent literary solidarity. An exegesis which takes the ultimate canonical textual content heavily undertakes to appreciate the constitution and theological purpose of this cohesion. The papers accrued right here try and show major constructions which overarch the person parts. specific emphasis is put on the reconstruction of thematic threads that are created whilst person prophets take in subject matters from their predecessors (e.g. Jehovah's Day, conversion, function of the peoples) and accentuate them. The papers have been written among 1999 and 2002 less than the aegis of the Society of Biblical Literature's operating staff at the Formation of the e-book of the Twelve.

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Points to the use of different types of questions in Haggai-Zechariah 1-8. He finds the following: rhetorical questions, sequential questions (or the "Pile Up" phenomenon), questions that function primarily to advance the plot, and questions that increase the number of characters in a scene. These questions function for Craig as a literary thread run- 70 71 Duane A. Christensen, "The Book of Nahum: A History of Interpretation," Forming Prophetic Literature: Essays on Isaiah and the Twelve in Honor of John D.

Hill, Malachi (AB 25D; New York: Doubleday, 1998), 401; "Appendix C: Intertextuality in the Book of Malachi," 401-12. Donald K. Berry, "Malachi's Dual Design: The Close of the Canon and What Comes Afterward," in Forming Prophetic Literature, 270; Table 1,270-72. Kenneth H. " See also Ben Zvi's extensive criticism of current methodologies, "Twelve Prophetic Books or 'The Twelve,'" 139-42. "14 Kenneth Cuffey effectively summarizes the resultant methodological dilemma: How clearly does the canonical connection imply the books are to be linked?

It is appropriate, therefore, to look more closely at the redactional techniques used in editing the Twelve. II. Redactional Techniques in the Twelve The study of the redaction of the Twelve inevitably involves intertextuality. Types of intertextuality include the quotation of or allusions to other texts and the use of catchwords, themes or motifs, and framing devices. Other redactional techniques include the use of designs (e. , a chiasmus) and of rhetorical devices. All of these techniques appear in the Twelve.

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