By Gifford F. Batstone M.B., B.S. (auth.), Gifford F. Batstone M.B., B.S., Alastair W. Blair M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.P.E., D.C.H., Jack M. Slater M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.O.G. (eds.)

Formerly the coverage of masterly state of no activity was once usually accredited in obstetrical perform. despite the fact that, this is often not precise in the beginning of the current decade, and the authors are to be congratulated in attempting to stimulate their juniors to method the issues of Pre-natal Paediatrics in a educated demeanour. when state of no activity should still be the remedy of selection every so often, it may merely be performed with the whole wisdom that every one is definitely, and this evidently will contain the use and knowing of recent investigations and methods. in my view the authors have accomplished their goals and even though there are those that may perhaps consistently have reservations, they need to definitely settle for the authors' appraisal of the trendy method of this technology. VICTOR R. TINDALL Cardiff, I97 I PREFACE This publication confines itself to these features of pre-natal increase­ ment that are of value to the clinician. we are hoping to give a fairly concise account of this particularly new and swiftly increasing box of scientific technological know-how. pressure is given to recommendations which can no longer but be in lots of common obstetric and paediatric texts. additionally, we want to supply an simply obtainable selection of reference facts for the busy member of junior employees to consult throughout the process his regimen paintings. We as a result make no apology for any repetition had to make each one part readable with no many go references.

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1969). 'Serum heat stable alkaline phosphatase: an index of placental function', J. Obstet. Gynaec. Br. , 76, 1057. ITTRICH, G. (1960). 'Studies on the extraction of red Kober dyes by organk solvents for the determination of urinary oestrogens', Acta endocr. (Kbh) , 35,34· KLOPPER, A. (1969). 'Foetus and Placenta' (Ed. Klopper and Diczfalusy), Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford and Edinburgh, 471. LEETON, J. et al. (1967). 'Vaginal Cytohormonal studies in late abnormal pregnancy', Acta cytol.

It is usually less easy to see than the knee joint centres. There is considerable biological variation in the appearance of these centres. They may not be symmetrically developed in the same fetus, and may be quite different in twins. Maternal diabetes and anencephaly are considered by some to accelerate their development, while retarded intrauterine growth and 'light-for-dates' syndromes may delay them. g. , the appearances of ossific centres remain the most popularly used parameter offetal maturity.

Obstet Gynaec. Br. , 68, 778. WOTIZ, H. H. et al. (1962). 'Studies in steroid metabolism. XI. Gas chromatographic determination of estrogens in human pregnancy urine', Anaryt. , 3, 97. CHAPTER 4 ESTIMATION OF LENGTH OF GESTATION The clinician frequently needs to know, as accurately as possible, the length of gestation to help him manage certain obstetric problems. These almost all involve the termination of a pregnancy, by induction of labour or caesarean section, to minimize the hazard to the fetus and/or mother produced by the particular obstetric problem.

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